Have you have ever had an extremely important negotiation, and you didn't know how to prepare or what to do after the negotiation started?

Free Protocols

If so, then Negotiation Services Company's free protocols will help you. In our protocols ( Mediation and Negotiation )you will find step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the actual negotiation as well as how to prepare beforehand.

To utilize our more sophisticated methodologies, our
Negotiation Guides are available. See below.

Advanced Protocols - Retail $ 9.95

If your negotiation requires a more advanced preparation, our "Strategies, Tactics and Preparation" guides will help you develop your strategy and will help you assess your options, and even direct you to your most beneficial option; all at a very reasonable cost of only $ 9.95/ an amount which is likely to repay itself ten-fold or more. (See our Testimonial page.)

The protocol design is a formatted,  11 page, organizational strategy tool which enables its users to formulate and prepare for negotiations with precision and thoroughness. Its use also encourages recognition of all stakeholders and the actionable benefits from potential alliances and identifiable common-interest players.

Just Email us and request our Advanced Protocols.

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