I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the negotiation course that you recently taught at our company. Since your training, sales have increased 35%. One of our salespeople sold fifteen phones in a week- a fourfold increase. Furthermore, your approach to negotiation has stimulated our sales staff to view each negotiation as a challenge and it has brought a whole new excitement and energy to our company. I personally want to thank you for providing my staff with a new arsenal of tools that will ensure our continued success, and I wish you continued success as well.
John Waxman, President,
Wireless Communications Group, Inc. 10/4/99

As President of Manning & Associates Software, I am happy to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Steven Kelley. I have worked on projects with Steve {Kelley, President of Negotiation Services Company} using the protocol {his company} developed. Steve is extremely knowledgeable and a skillful practitioner of negotiating. I also found Steve's personality as well as his enthusiasm a significant plus. He thoroughly enjoys negotiating and it shows. In our most recent project (a potential multi-million dollar deal), we utilized Steve's protocol as a means to create new value for both ourselves and our negotiating partners. I would highly recommend Steve and would not hesitate to utilize Steve's negotiating and training skills.

Jeffrey Manning
President, Manning Software & Associates

This letter is being written to most strongly endorse the qualifications and professionalism of Steve Kelley. His expertise, knowledge, and business savvy have proved remarkably useful as we have repeatedly relied upon him for assistance in our on-going negotiations of purchasing a real estate property. We recommend him most highly for any negotiation or business undertaking.

Michael and Dorrie Luck

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