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Welcome to the
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Providing Training, Consulting, Strategy, and Tools for your most important negotiations

Additional services:

Extensive Training for Decision-Makers:
Provided At Our
New Training Facility at 3 Pearl St. in Stoughton, MA or at your own facility.

You can rely on our expert, experienced staff for thorough and informative advice and counseling on issues as varied as real-estate transactions to human relations.

Brainstorming: Our instructors utilize a complete interactive program to facilitate new idea generation.

Video-taped Simulations and Preparation Exercises

Custom Designed Simulations for Your Industry

Harvard "Program on Negotiation" Test Cases

Click Here for Free, Free Protocols: Negotiation   Mediation

Negotiation "Strategies, Tactics and Preparation" Protocol
$ 9.95 (
email us detailing quantity required)

Mediation "Strategies, Tactics and Preparation Protocol"
$ 9.95 (
email us detailing quantity required)


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